Geoforensics - Providing experienced expert assistance to solve problems in: groundwater, surface water, soilGeoforensics - Providing experienced expert assistance to solve problems in: groundwater, surface water, soil
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Examples of Experience:
  1. Provided third party oversight of a landfill consultant preparing remedial action plans (RAP) for MDEQ approval; plan for the Waters, MI site was approved by MDEQ
  2. Collected evidence (for the primary responsible party) that identified other responsible parties to share in the cost of a Superfund cleanup in Sturgis, MI
  3. Through a site analysis for a chemical manufacturer in Detroit, MI, showed that previous owners were responsible for contamination on site.
  4. Demonstrated to MDEQ that remediation was not necessary because chemicals in soil and groundwater at a Jonesville, MI manufacturing site will remain on site and not impact off-site properties.
  5. Showed the MDEQ that a release from a residential fuel oil overfill in Williamstown Township, MI did not require remediation
  6. Determined historical concentrations of cancer causing solvents in the soil and groundwater in Battle Creek, MI to which workers were exposed
  7. Identified method of relief for homeowner impacted by flooding and increased groundwater levels from a new surface detention pond on adjacent property in Elk Rapids, MI
  8. Provided expert witness testimony for residents that sought a Contested Case Hearing for a proposed chemical discharge from a groundwater treatment system to surface water in Ann Arbor, MI
  9. Expert witness for property owner impacted by industrial waste disposal from industrial manufacturer in Mt. Morris, MI
  10. In Oakland County, MI, used forensic techniques to distinguish three sources of gasoline and solvent contamination in groundwater and to appropriately allocate liability for natural resource damages and for response costs
  11. Provided expert witness services for plaintiff seeking remediation of contaminated groundwater that caused indoor air inhalation problems in Warren, MI
  12. Facilitated sale of property by showing chemicals in soil and groundwater do not present an exposure hazard and may remain in place
  13. Demonstrated that downstream blockage of county drain by a neighbor caused extensive property damage to client in St. Johns, MI
  14. Provided testimony that lowered costs for an industrial client from which the State of Michigan was seeking recovery of costs for replacement of contaminated water supplies in Pinckney, MI

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