Geoforensics - Providing experienced expert assistance to solve problems in: groundwater, surface water, soilGeoforensics - Providing experienced expert assistance to solve problems in: groundwater, surface water, soil
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Examples of Experience:
  • Closed a UST site at a bank without remediation, by showing groundwater is not in an aquifer
  • Demonstrated that a fly-ash landfill is hydraulically isolated and petitioned regulatory agency for elimination of landfill monitoring requirements
  • Demonstrated to regulatory agency that remediation was not necessary because chemicals in soil and groundwater at a manufacturing site will remain on site and not impact off-site properties.
  • Showed the regulatory agency that a release from a residential fuel oil overfill did not require remediation
  • Determined historical concentrations of cancer causing solvents in the soil and groundwater to which workers were exposed
  • When requested to provide a second opinion about another consultant’s remedy, GeoForensics, Inc. developed a remedy that saved more than 1 million dollars for a Superfund site
  • Identified multiple sources of solvent contamination in groundwater at a site to provide client with some financial assistance for cleanup
  • Manufacturer’s previous consultant estimated cleanup costs at more than $1M, but GeoForensics, Inc. closed the site without remediation and corrected previous consultant’s mistakes for less than $100K.
  • Facilitated sale of property by showing chemicals in soil and groundwater do not present an exposure hazard and may remain in place
  • Secured a permit from the regulatory agency for client to extract peat from a bog
  • Demonstrated that surface water would not be harmed by dry cleaning solvents in soil or groundwater at site
  • Demonstrated that downstream blockage of county drain by a neighbor caused extensive property damage to client
  • Demonstrated that buried solid waste is a non-problem at a manufacturer
  • Demonstrated that solvents in groundwater at client’s property originated from off-site drycleaner and that client’s site actually provided remediation for the off-site dry cleaning solvent release
  • Identified method of relief for homeowner impacted by flooding and increased groundwater levels from a new surface detention pond on adjacent property
  • By defining site specific conditions and by analyzing the fate and transport of petroleum hydrocarbons, acquired regulatory agency approval for oil refining company to leave high concentrations of chemicals on site
  • Used aerial photographic analysis techniques to evaluate alleged residential property damage from municipal water-pipeline break
  • Age-dating and contaminant transport analyses of petroleum in groundwater at a gas station showed that contaminants originated from other parties
  • Closed a UST-site of petroleum contamination at a railroad stop

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