Geoforensics - Providing experienced expert assistance to solve problems in: groundwater, surface water, soilGeoforensics - Providing experienced expert assistance to solve problems in: groundwater, surface water, soil
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Litigation Support Services

Strengthen your case in court with expert geological and hydrogeological testimony:

Cases involving soil, groundwater and/or surface water issues require the assistance of an expert. As part of your legal team, GeoForensics, Inc. will use its 28 years of experience to provide the following expert witness services:

  • Facilitate settlement/judgment
  • Communicate technical opinions in a clear and understandable manner
  • Effectively use graphics and other visual devices to facilitate understanding of testimony 
  • Relate the importance of technical information to the case
  • Show how each piece of evidence combines to form a complete "picture"

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GeoForensics, Inc. can assist a court as a geologic Court Master:

GeoForensics, Inc. can assist judges/juries by objectively reviewing and evaluating soil, groundwater, and/or surface water information presented by opposing parties. As an objective third party with natural resources expertise, GeoForensics, Inc. helps the court by providing the following services:

  • Identify alternative solutions
  • Facilitate compromise
  • Expedite settlement
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in technical information/arguments
  • Translate technical data/terminology into meaningful information

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To prepare a case, GeoForensics, Inc. provides needed  technical information :

  • Technical analyses, evaluations and/or studies
  • Collect soil, groundwater, and/or surface water data
  • Evaluate and render opinions regarding data collected by others
  • Develop questions for opposing experts

In other words, we provide expertise and information for you to successfully pursue your case in the most appropriate manner for your client.

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GeoForensics, Inc. conducts forensic evaluations of water and soil for court presentation:

  • Analyze and evaluate soil and water
  • Identify sources of soil and water impacts
  • Determine the time/date when incidents originated
  • Facilitate understanding of natural resource issues and regulations
  • Correlate crime scene soil/evidence with suspects

Forensic geology can provide easily overlooked evidence in both civil and criminal litigation.  It may be as simple as verifying the shape of an excavation prior to collapse, or it may be somewhat more complex, such as correlating soil at a crime scene with soil on a suspects clothing/alleged weapon, or using a computer model to support a professional opinion.  In any case, GeoForensics, Inc. provides expert assistance in clarifying technical issues before the court and in expediting litigation/settlement.  

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