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Insurance Investigations:

A major part of our business includes Insurance Investigation Services:


Determine chemical spill/release dates for comparison with policy coverage periods.

Responsibility for payment of chemical contamination claims often is a function of which policy was in effect at the time of the release or at the time of manifestation.

GeoForensics, Inc. can determine the policy in effect by using forensic techniques to identify the date(s) of incident occurrence/manifestation.

Let our experience and analysis remove doubt about critical dates.

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Expert testimony in environmental malpractice cases

Recognized as an expert by several courts in consultant malpractice cases, GeoForensics, Inc. has demonstrated its knowledge and experience to evaluate the actions and decisions of environmental consultants.

GeoForensics, Inc.'s experience provides expert assistance in clarifying technical issues involved in environmental malpractice cases.

We have 28 years of regulatory and consulting experience to draw upon.

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Identification of contributing parties responsible for contamination

Insurance claims for property/personal damage from contaminants are always complicated. In many cases, more than one party and more than one contaminant is involved. Determination of these multiple responsible parties and contaminants can mean the fair allocation of liability across various policies in effect. The accurate determination of multiple responsible parties and contaminants requires technical expertise and experience.

GeoForensics, Inc. can assist in identifying all responsible parties involved in a contamination incident. We can help you identify your insured's share of the liability and avoid paying for others involved.

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Scientifically based cost-allocation strategies

Insurance claims for property, personal, and/or natural resource damages are always complicated - especially when more than one party is involved and each has different levels of responsibility. Determining the liability of each party can be complicated and result in overpayment.

For example, often, only volume of waste disposed at a site forms the basis for cost allocation; however, other factors such as toxicity of the waste, mobility of the waste, site hydrogeology, etc. usually are much more important in determining a party's fair share. Depending on the circumstances, a party responsible for releasing hydraulic oil may be required to pay a different share of cleanup costs than a party responsible for releasing the same amount of degreasing or dry cleaning solvent.

GeoForensics, Inc. is experienced in developing cost-allocation strategies that are scientifically based and provide for fair distribution of costs among all parties involved.

We provide the following services:

  • Develop a cost-allocation formula specific to your problem site
  • Identify all responsible parties
  • Determine your fair share of liability
  • Provide a means to avoid paying for someone else's responsibility

GeoForensics, Inc. services will help

  • Expedite settlement of insurance claims involving soil, surface water and/or groundwater contamination
  • Identify and clarify technical issues

Our Experience Saves you Time and Money!

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Causes of property flooding/damage

Insurance claims for property and structure flooding/damage can be complicated. It is often difficult to determine whether the cause of water/flooding damage was the result of natural causes or manmade sources. GeoForensics, Inc. is experienced in sorting out the facts and making determinations that can impact the settlement of such claims.

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Calculation and allocation of damages to natural resources.

When natural resources are threatened or destroyed, it is difficult to assess the extent of the present as well as future losses, as well as the liable party(ies). However, GeoForensics, Inc. has the expertise and experience required to assist you in identifying causes of damage to natural resources as well as translate losses of natural resources into monetary equivalents that can expedite the settlement of such issues.

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Insurance Investigations

Examples of insurance investigations conducted by GeoForensics, Inc. involving soil, surface water and/or groundwater are presented below:

  • Provided evidence that gasoline components in ground water at a site originated with owner of station 30 years ago not with current owner
  • Collected evidence (for the primary responsible party) that identified other responsible parties to share in the cost of a Superfund cleanup
  • Through a site analysis for a chemical manufacturer, showed that previous owners were responsible for contamination on site
  • Demonstrated to the regulatory agency that remediation was not necessary because chemicals in soil and groundwater at a manufacturing site will remain on site and not impact off-site properties
  • Testified that gravel roadway data collected by plaintiff's experts in an auto accident case were inaccurate and not relevant to accident, and county road agency was not liable
  • Showed the regulatory agency that a release from a residential fuel oil overfill did not require remediation
  • Determined historical concentrations of cancer causing solvents in the soil and groundwater to which workers were exposed
  • Used forensic techniques to distinguish three sources of gasoline and solvent contamination in groundwater and to appropriately allocate liability for natural resource damages and for response costs
  • Provided expert witness services for plaintiff seeking remediation of contaminated groundwater that caused indoor air inhalation problems
  • Facilitated sale of property by showing chemicals in soil and groundwater do not present an exposure hazard and may remain in place
  • Demonstrated that downstream blockage of county drain by a neighbor caused flooding and extensive property damage to client
  • Provided testimony that lowered costs for an industrial client from which the government was seeking recovery of costs for replacement of contaminated water supplies
  • Identified method of relief for homeowner impacted by flooding and increased groundwater levels from a new surface detention pond on adjacent property
  • Provided expert witness testimony for residents that sought a Contested Case Hearing for a proposed chemical discharge from a groundwater treatment system to surface water
  • Identified the extent of soil and groundwater contamination for property owner impacted by industrial waste disposal from industrial manufacturer
  • Demonstrated that structural damage to a residence was from a source other than the alleged high lake level

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