Geoforensics - Providing experienced expert assistance to solve problems in: groundwater, surface water, soilGeoforensics - Providing experienced expert assistance to solve problems in: groundwater, surface water, soil
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Forensic Geology

Chemical exposure evaluations

GeoForensics, Inc.'s experience  provides expert assistance in quantifying historical exposures to chemical contaminants in soil, groundwater  and surface water. For example, we determined the chemical concentrations in soil and groundwater to which workers were exposed at a railroad yard. This information was combined with cancer incidences among those workers to provide a foundation for litigation.

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Subsurface explosions

GeoForensics, Inc. can answer questions related to the causes of subsurface explosions, such as those that occur during tunneling. For example, we determined that the cause of a tunneling explosion resulted from soil contaminated with gasoline at a leaking underground storage tank.

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Evaluate county drain disputes

GeoForensics, Inc. can assist in the settlement of county drain disputes by determining the causes of flooding or loss of water in drainage systems. We have been involved in riparian disputes where landowners have purposely used drains to flood neighbors and to deprive neighbors of water. Our job was to provide information confirming the causes of flooding and loss of water and to assess the impact of those actions.

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Analyze cause(s) of earth failure and resulting damages

Soil and/or water often play a key role in real-property damage, earth subsidence, construction collapse and/or cave-in. Frequently, a forensic geologist can secure evidence to identify conditions preceding the incident, determine the cause of these incidents, and discern between real vs. alleged extent of damage

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Determine value of mineral resource

Property values can be significantly affected by the natural resources (e.g. sand and gravel) that they contain. Accurate valuation is an important factor in the assessment of a property's value. Geological evaluation of a property's sand and gravel has been used in court to support the value of a property. GeoForensics, Inc. offers the expertise needed to identify a property's value.

We can help buyer and/or seller identify a fair price.

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Sources of sedimentation in lakes and rivers

Sedimentation can adversely affect the quality of lakes and rivers. The actual source of the problem is not easily identified. However, GeoForensics, Inc. is experienced in identifying the source of sedimentation so positive action can be taken to correct the damages.

We can help you get corrective action to protect your surface water.

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 Water and soil evidence collection

Soil and water samples can provide important evidence to the ultimate outcome of court cases. It is imperative that these samples be taken accurately so they can withstand the scrutiny of litigation. GeoForensics, Inc. has the experience required to provide unchallengeable sampling procedures. In fact, we were involved in the development of many sampling procedures required by the State of Michigan.

We can provide evidence that can withstand the scrutiny of litigation.

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Forensic geology experience examples

Geoforensics, Inc. has utilized scientific methods to assist clients in a variety of ways related to their subsurface and surface water issues. The following is a partial list of such projects:

  • Determined historical concentrations of cancer causing solvents in the soil and groundwater to which workers were exposed at a railroad yard
  • Provided expert witness services for plaintiff seeking remediation of contaminated groundwater that caused indoor air inhalation problems
  • Testified that engineering evidence was improperly collected and analyzed and is inadequate to show gravel road as cause of accident
  • Demonstrated that solvents in groundwater at client's property originated from off-site drycleaner and that client's site actually provided remediation for the off-site release of dry cleaning solvent
  • Expert witness for property owner impacted by industrial waste disposal from industrial manufacturer
  • Demonstrated that environmental analysis by a previous consultant for a manufacturing site was inadequate; as a result, the lender's concerns were alleviated and financing proceeded
  • Chemical "age-dating" and contaminant transport analyses of petroleum in groundwater at a gas station showed that contaminants originated from other parties
  • Age-dated petroleum release at a former gas station to show that the previous owner of the gas station caused groundwater contamination
  • Demonstrated that structural damage to a residence was from a source other than the alleged high lake level
  • Collected evidence (for the primary responsible party) that identified other responsible parties to share in the cost of a Superfund cleanup
  • Investigated a tunnel explosion that injured workers; identified the cause, and showed that the fuel for the explosion was identified before the tunneling began

Please call us for more information! Our experience can save you time and money!

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