Geoforensics - Providing experienced expert assistance to solve problems in: groundwater, surface water, soilGeoforensics - Providing experienced expert assistance to solve problems in: groundwater, surface water, soil
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Second Opinions and Third-Party Reviews

Advise Courts as an Objective Court Master
Courts of law are constantly required to extract accurate information from experts expressing conflicting viewpoints, advocating "junk science", and providing "creative interpretations" of available data. Judges don't like to deal with complicated technical issues and juries are easily bored or confused by all the technical information presented. Who is "right" is often decided by who presents the best image or show rather than by the objective evaluation of the facts. GeoForensics, Inc. provides objective third-party opinions of the information presented by both sides. Twenty-eight years of experience as a regulator and consultant provide an excellent basis for evaluating both sides and developing an objective opinion or pointing out pros and cons of each side.

Second Opinions
Many times, businesses have sought a second opinion from GeoForensics, Inc. regarding findings and recommendations from other consulting firms.  Our innovative approaches, experience and knowledge of the regulatory system frequently save these businesses tens of thousands of dollars.  Our "second opinion" may confirm your consultant's opinion or we may be able to save you considerable time and money in solving your problem.  Either way, you will know that you are receiving the best product/advice available.

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