Geoforensics - Providing experienced expert assistance to solve problems in: groundwater, surface water, soilGeoforensics - Providing experienced expert assistance to solve problems in: groundwater, surface water, soil
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Geoforensics involves the application of geologic knowledge to legal matters.

GeoForensics, Inc. a forensic geology and environmental consulting firm, uses geologic and environmental sciences to solve problems involving water and/or soil. Our 28 years of experiences solving problems in both public and private service provide unique knowledge and skills to quickly and efficiently identify and analyze evidence/data, explain the implications and alternatives to our client, and/or help devise win/win solutions.

 We pride ourselves in accomplishing what others in our field cannot. Our reputation for honesty, integrity, ability, and creativity is highly valued and exemplified by our repeat clients.

Our broad experience includes:

  • Baseline environmental assessments (BEA)

  • Environmental impact statements

  • Environmental mediation

  • Environmental site assessments (Phase I and Phase II)

  • Floodplain / floodway impacts

  • Forensic analyses

  • Geologic expert witness testimony

  • Groundwater contamination investigation and remediation

  • Groundwater discharge permits

  • Hazardous waste evaluations

  • Hydrogeologic studies

  • Lake dredging impact mitigation

  • Lake level stabilization

  • Landfill permitting and impacts

  • Leaking underground storage tanks (LUST)

  • Peat mining permitting and mitigation

  • Sand and gravel resource evaluation

  • Superfund (CERCLA) site investigation & remediation

  • Surface water discharge permits (NPDES)

  • Surface water impacts on groundwater

  • Water well contamination


Robert A. Hayes, CPG, President and Principal Forensic Geologist at GeoForensics, Inc., is personally involved in and directs each of our projects. Click here to view Mr. Hayes' resume (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format).



GeoForensics, Inc. uses other experts, contractors, and/or sub-contractors as necessary, to provide specialized services.

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